Bodies of the IAS

The bodies of the IAS are:
– the Assembly
– the Presidency
– the Executive Committee




The Assembly of the IAS consists of all the regular and associate members of the IAS. The Assembly discusses issues and makes decisions at a general meeting that all the members of the IAS can attend.  




The Presidency Board consists of the President and two Vice-Presidents. The members of the Presidency Board are elected for 3 years.


Executive Committee (EC)


The Executive Committee consists of 9 members and is structured in the following way:
– three members of the Presidency Board,
– two Heads of the Sections,

– Secretary General,
– three members elected by the Assembly of the IAS.

Three members of the EC are elected by the Assembly with a majority vote of the present regular and associate members. A candidate for an EC membership has to be proposed, in writing, by at least two members of the IAS. The EC’s mandate lasts for 3 years.