The IAS has regular, associate, corresponding and honorary members that are active in one of the two Sections:
the Scientific-Research Section and the Business-Development Section. 
The members are elected in line with the Statute and on the basis of top-level achievements in technical sciences and disciplines, in industrial companies and in other companies or institutions important for the success of industry and research.
Minimum criteria, determined in detail in the Statute, are set for electing a member of the IAS. 
IAS membership is not remunerated; on the contrary, following the practice of engineering academies abroad, all the members, except for the honorary members, pay an annual membership fee.
The members can only be remunerated if they carry out project activities agreed on with a contract and financed from external sources. 
The bodies of the IAS are the Assembly, the Presidency Board, the Executive Committee, the Supervisory Committee, and the Disciplinary Committee. The Assembly, consisting of all the IAS members, elects the Executive Committee, the President, the two Vice-Presidents and the Secretary. The President and the two Vice-Presidents comprise the IAS Presidency.
The mandate of the elected bodies lasts for 3 years. The obligations and the rights of the IAS members are determined by the relevant act and the Statute. 
The IAS also has supporting members: individuals, industrial companies, institutions and others. Supporting members pay an annual membership fee and are allowed to advertise their membership of the IAS.