The Slovenian Academy of Engineering was established in 1995. It was on 21 June of that year that a group of Slovenian scientists from the area of technical and natural sciences together with prominent engineers, members of the SATENA society, set up the Slovenian Academy of Engineering (IAS), with the aim to provide a platform for the policy and formation of development prospects for the production industries, scientific and technological research activities, as well as of high-quality studies of engineering and management in Slovenia. Prof. Dr Gunar Solenius, the president of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, the first such institution in the world, attended this inaugural event.

For 11 years the Academy operated within the SATENA society. However, in December 2006, after several years of effort by all the Academy members, the National Assembly adopted, acting on the proposal of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, the Act No. 127/2006. In this way the Academy became an autonomous public entity, with all the corresponding rights, responsibilities and liabilities.

Every second year the Academy elects new members.

In 2021 the Academy has 74 regular and associate members, 14 corresponding members and 5 honorary members.