Criteria for Electing New Members and Promoting the Members that are already elected

The finest specialists can be elected to the IAS on the basis of their achievements in the areas of technical science, technology development, the introduction of new technologies and products, or the efficient development of industrial companies and other business entities.

The following minimum requirements are needed for the election of an IAS member:
– electing a new member to the Scientific-Research Group requires a PhD in technical studies, at least 15 years of active involvement in scientific research, at least 20 publications, of which a half should be included in high-quality scientific and specialist journals published abroad, and at least ten citations from scientific and specialist publications;
an independently written and published book, except for a textbook, is equal to 10 publications in journals; mentorship to doctoral and master-degree students involved in research-and-development activities in industry and/or holding important managerial positions in industry is equal to two publications and one citation;
– electing a new member to the Business-Development Group requires a completed university degree or completed advanced-level studies in technical or natural science, at least five scientific or specialist publications and at least five innovations included in the production programme of a company, or an involvement in the development and/or management of constructing a large production facility or large construction works; or a completed university degree or completed advanced-level studies, at least 10 years of working in the managerial areas of successful business companies that have efficient research-and-development departments or services and also give grants to the students of technical faculties.

The references for the candidates from universities and public research institutions receive half of the agreed value if the candidate is not the only author.
When assessing the candidates from public research institutions and universities to be elected to the scientific research group, preference will be given to the candidates that have been members of the Slovenian Association of Technical and Natural Sciences (SATENA) for at least 2 years.

The Committee for Assessing the Candidates for Election to the IAS puts forward, on the basis of the assessment of the submitted references, the name of the candidate to be elected to one of the above groups.

As a rule, the candidates for the new, regular members of the IAS come from the pool of associate members of the IAS. New candidates can be put forward for the direct election of a regular member only if they have exceptional and significant working references.

The Assembly of the IAS elects the members of the IAS once per year. The voting for the IAS’s members takes the form of a secret ballot.

As honorary members, the assembly can only elect top-quality specialists that have significantly enhanced the areas of engineering, technology or development with their achievements in technical science, technological development and the introduction of new products, or contributed significantly to the progress and reputation of the IAS in the Republic of Slovenia and abroad.

Scientists and specialists that are not citizens of the Republic of Slovenia can be elected as correspondence members of the IAS provided they fulfil the requirements for a regular member and have significant merits with respect to science, its individual disciplines or economic development in Slovenia.